Top Five Tips To Motivate Your Pharmacy Staff

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Top Five Tips To Motivate Your Pharmacy Staff Motivating Your Pharmacy Staff Use these top tips to get your team on board with your vision So, I have been a manager for many years and trust me when I say I have engaged with more …..

5 Health Tips for Locums

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This blog is written by a pharmacist who is a fitness instructor. Wants to share his useful tips to help pharmacists. Top 5 Health Tips for Locums: As Pharmacists, it is our job not only to dispense medication and advice to patients, but to also …..

Pharmacy Career Choices

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Every year thousands of trainees go through a rollercoaster of emotions whilst completing their pre-registration year.It may have felt like an uphill struggle. From eagerness and enthusiasm at the beginning to stress, anxiety and doubt near the examination season. However, the real excitement begins on …..

A Locum’s Guide to the Quality Payments Scheme

Quality Payments Scheme

A Locum’s Guide to the Quality Payments Scheme “Do I need to know about the Quality Payments Scheme?” I’ve surprisingly had this question asked by Locum Pharmacists  about the quality payments scheme and the simple answer is yes, you do! More and more contractors are …..

Top accounting tips for a Locum Pharmacist

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These tips will help locum pharmacists and pharmacists. Use these top tips to keep your pharmacy accounts record’s in good check. Guest Blog written by Jema Daya (marketing manager) and Kupesh Patel from Elsby and Co, Accountants and Tax Advisors. If you are a locum …..

How to deal with angry pharmacy customers.

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How to deal with angry customer Dealing with angry pharmacy customers 1) SCRAP THE EXCUSES & APOLOGISE  Never give an excuse to justify poor service. Statements like “sorry we didn’t have enough staff” or “it was very busy” add more fuel to the fire cialis aus …..

Pharmacy Team Work Tips

Pharmacy Team Work Tips  Congratulations! You have finally made it through all of the all-nighters and gallons of coffee to officially be called a Pharmacist! Your Pharmacy course beats you up and spits you out, but how often do they actually prepare you for real …..

What to do during GPHC Inspection as a Locum.

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How to deal with a GPHC Inspection First hand experience from a locum on duty during the GPHC inspection. We asked one of our locums Naeema Modi to give her experience as a locum undergoing a GPHC inspection for the benefit for those of you …..


No matter how positive we are, most of us experience off days where we don’t feel like our normal selves. On these days, it’s common to feel low on energy, sad, stressed, worried, and a range of other negative emotional states. Although these days aren’t …..