Covid-19 Vaccinations for Locum Pharmacists

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Covid-19 Vaccinations for Locum Pharmacists through the PDA online portal

Can you get Covid-19 Vaccinations as Locum Pharmacists?

Frontline workers are in the next tier of priority established by the JVCI; this clearly includes pharmacists. However, if you do not have a regular place of work, you may not be aware of the availability of Covid vaccines for Locum Pharmacists. Similarly, you may not be included in the prioritised vaccination programme of one employer due to the transient nature of your work. This does not mean that you have to miss out. At My Locum Choice, we are committed to supporting Locum Pharmacists throughout the pandemic. That is why we are making you aware that you can register to receive your Covid-19 vaccinations today.

Who is the vaccination service for?

Following advice from the PDA (Pharmacists’ Defence Association), the NHS recognises Locum Pharmacists as, “a significant proportion of the community pharmacy workforce and [are] valued members of our profession”. As a result, the PDA has launched a free Locum Vaccine Registration Portal. This service is inclusive; it is available to any pharmacist living and working in the UK. Therefore, you do not require PDA membership to access Covid-19 Vaccinations for Locum Pharmacists.

Covid-19 Vaccinations for Locum Pharmacists available now

How do I register for my vaccination?

The portal allows any registered Locum Pharmacist to input their details. In addition, you are able to select a CCG Vaccination Operations Centre that is conveniently located for you. Once you have registered your details, we will forward them to your chosen Centre. These include local CCGs in England, and Health Boards in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Following this, your local Centre will contact you directly to arrange your vaccination.

If you are a Locum Pharmacist living and working in the UK, why wait to protect yourself?

Access the PDA portal free of charge to get your Covid-19 Vaccination today!

We know how busy Locum Pharmacists can be, so why not download our app to find work on the go? We offer pharmacies the chance to register and start finding Locums in minutes.

You can find further support and guidance for Locums through the guides on our blog.

This article was written on behalf of My Locum Choice by Carla Moore from Pharmacy Mentor.

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