How to Master the Diversification of your Skillset Part Two – Increasing your Income

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increase your income

Part 2 of how to master the diversification of your skillset and increase your income was written by Nicholas Colwyn Parry. He is a locum pharmacist working across the UK, and a subscriber to the My Locum Choice software.

Master your skills & improve your income

Okay so this is part 2 of the skillset diversification blogs, you’ve identified your skill, you’ve turned it into the goal zone, but how are you going to generate an income from that? Turns out you’re not the first person with this problem, and it’s actually very easy and there are some great apps and websites to help you get where you need to be!

If you haven’t read part 1 yet, you can do so here:

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increase your income

How to increase your income by providing a service

Use social media to your advantage

You probably have one of the following: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.

This is most likely your easiest audience to target for any of those services you are now providing, and best of all these platforms are free! You will have a skill that other people NEED or simply something they don’t like doing! Approach people with confidence, see how you can help them and explain to them how your service will benefit their life! This is how you sell yourself. For example, if you’re starting a cleaning side hustle then look for backgrounds of photographs that look messy and ask politely if they need your services!

Talk to people, find out what they don’t like doing and see if it is something you love doing and can charge them a fee by taking that chore away from them.

Judge your rate accordingly

A lot of people will ask me “How much do I charge?” and this is not a straight answer I can give you. Like being a locum pharmacist, you judge your rate on many factors such as time taken to learn the skill, equipment costs you may need, travel, current market rate, your capability etc. You can always see what your customer offers and see if you are over or undervaluing your skills.

Man thinking

Innovate to save people time & increase your income in the process

The key to any successful invention or service is to save someone time. If you can invent something that saves people 1 minute a day you can be a millionaire. Think of every big or small invention you have in the house, and I bet it saves someone time. Washing machines, microwaves, cars, tumble dryers, showers all give people their own time back by speeding up a labour-intensive process. Some of these inventions are reinvented to make them more efficient, and some are developed from other devices that weren’t quick enough. It takes hours for clothes to be dried on a clothes horse/maiden and in fact it’s a fair task to neatly hang all your washing, so it does dry evenly compared to putting it in a dryer and going about your day.

About washing, it is only fair I discuss how my hatred of ironing is still strong, but I have found a solution. More importantly, someone clearly with the same issue as I invented something which removed my nightmare! NON-IRON SHIRTS! Seriously, just put it in the wash, dry it, hang it, and there are no creases! The shirts feel ever so slightly different, but they save me HOURS of my life as I barely need to iron at all now! I literally won’t buy another type of shirt now, and I will happily contribute to whoever invented the non-iron shirt. Someone get that person a Nobel peace prize as it has stopped countless arguments with myself and my partner at 07:30am when I’ve left it last minute to iron a shirt before I go to work.

Man and woman using their phones

Make the most of free apps & websites

So, are you going to provide a service? Or a product? That also has an influence on how you market it! I said social media is good but what if you want a wider audience, how about going international? Well, the 2 best apps I think for this are Etsy and Fiverr. Etsy is a fantastic place where you can share products with like-minded people and the app is really user friendly. I find Etsy’s search bar easy for a consumer to find the sorts of products they are looking for without specifics. You know when you want that thing, but you’re not quite sure which one? Like a unique set of coasters or a vase that goes with the colour scheme of your living room. I have purchased many car accessories etc through the platform and never had an issue, it’s like a more friendly eBay in my opinion.

Fiverr is a freelance website, and this can be used extremely well to your advantage. I really like Fiverr as it protects the client and the freelance agent equally. It does this by allowing you to lay out your design space and free-lance agents will send in a pitch for the work usually with a few budgets and different levels of service! Fiverr can help you find someone who can write for you, paint your house with a mural, manage your social media and like google reviews you have client reviews. The more reviews you have, the more likely you are to show up as a top-rated seller as it knows you will always do a good job and therefore the more work you will get!

Maximising your skillset to increase your income – success stories

So, who’s killing it in the industry right now? 2 of my closest friends, Kayle Isaacs and Katie Lee.

Kayle Isaacs – Re-Fuel

increase your income

Kayle Isaacs originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, and came here with a dream, a dream of a healthier lifestyle and he has the best way of inspiring people to live their best life! I said in one of my first blogs he is one of the main people who stood waiting for me on the other side when he encouraged me to “take the leap” into self-employment. Kayle runs a successful PT business alongside his even more successful café inside the same gym called the Re-Fuel café. I have watched Kayle build this from an underperforming container cafe to a fully functioning meal prep business with 2 kitchens, 3 chefs and many more staff! If you are ever around the Wirral area, and need something to eat, go in and try anything off their menu! If tracking macros is your thing, don’t worry as everything is trackable!

What is interesting is many independent cafés do not do well inside gyms, they don’t market themselves the right way or have the right food for someone who’s in a hurry. Kayle and the team designed a menu that was quick and easy to prepare, delicious and exceptional value for money. This complemented by Kayle’s business mentality and work ethic is the reason they have expanded 3 times and will be there for many years to come!

Katie Lee – Not Your Babe Collective

increase your income

With regards to Katie Lee, just head over to her Instagram if you ever need to know anything about consistent branding, you will not be disappointed. I met Katie on a manager’s training course and we both realised working for someone else did not fit our personalities. We both found our open-minded selves restricted by the boring closed-minded managers training tasks. Seriously I have no idea how moving a tennis ball from one chair to another in the fastest amount of time is going to help me deal with a patient who has overdosed on methadone in my pharmacy.

We are not people who could benefit from being told to conform to certain things, but Katie voices that a lot better than I do. Being the black sheep of the group, Katie and I became very good friends, and she has been an absolute rock in my journey.

increase your income

Katie is a colourful, extravagant and inspiring individual who is the owner of the Not Your Babe collective (NYB). Her platform and services revolve around mainly empowering women and letting them be their own boss. She has a goal of empowering one million women there is no doubt she won’t achieve this goal, I am telling you she is going to be the next Steven Bartlett. I really can’t wait to see what the future holds for NYB, Katie is the reason I know about Fiverr and she freelances her social media skills and mural painting on there through it.

If you have a spare minute, please check out these 2 people as they both mean a lot to me, and you wouldn’t be reading these blogs if it weren’t for them. Always remember who helped you get where you are today, support them how they support you, and always give them the recognition they deserve.

If you found this post on how to increase your income useful, you can read more on Nick’s journey as a locum pharmacist, as well as essential tips and advice on our blog.

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