Stay Aways for Locum Pharmacists – The Benefits

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Locum pharmacists are pretty much freelancers of pharmacy businesses. They are essentially self-employed individuals.  If you are a locum pharmacist, you need to have a broader outlook to enjoy all the benefits that come with independence from a permanent job. One way to have more fulfilling work experience is to opt for Stay Aways.

What is a “Stay Away”?

It literarily means working away from your place of permanent residence. It comes with various benefits and challenges. “Stay Away” jobs are rising in most professions due to the internet, the rise of the gig economy, and locum pharmacists are not untouched by this phenomenon. Many pharmacists find such jobs more interesting as it provides them with the opportunity to discover new places at their own pace.

Benefits of Stay Away jobs

Locum Pharmacy Stay Aways

There are numerous benefits associated with such kind of work. It provides opportunities to experience new places. Best of all, such job offers include transportation, travel expenses, and even living expenses.

Here are some of the benefits of “stay away” jobs:

    • Good rates all year round – means that with a little planning one can have enough money and still have ample time to travel and see the places around.
    • Experiencing new places – it means the opportunity to see less visited sites, staying in beautiful rural locations, coastal areas and picturesque towns.
    • Accommodation covered – most of the stay away jobs will pay separately for accommodation expenses.
    • Coverage of most of the expenses to and from the job location.
    • Flexibility to choose the length of contract – thus one may work for a few weeks, or months. However, if needed there are always long-term options too.
    • Job and tourism together.
  • Learning and experiencing pharmacy work in new places – every new area has something unique to offer. Stay away jobs can help a person get lots of professional experience in a short duration. Every palace has different SOPs, documentation differs a bit, common health issues in the population also differ.

It is a job for those who love to meet new people and are comfortable with travelling to new places. Some locums enjoy working in new teams and continually changing conditions. So if you are a quick adapter, then this kind of job is for you.

Stay away jobs provide a much higher degree of autonomy, as you choose where to work, with whom to work, and you choose a work that better fits your lifestyle.

Challenges of Stay Aways

Everything comes at a price in life. There are some downsides to “stay away” jobs too. If you prefer short-term contracts, you may have difficulty in frequently adapting to the new working environment, teams. You may miss not being a part of an organization.

Such a job may lack some benefits of a permanent position like paid holidays, paid maternity leave, redundancy payment, protection from unfair dismissal.

Finding Stay Away jobs

In the age of the internet, you may look for a “stay away” jobs by scanning through online ads. However, very few pharmacies post such jobs online. Experience shows that some of the best paying pharmacies look for pharmacists through agencies, as pharmacies do not enough experience and time for vetting the candidates.

Joining an agency, like My Locum Choice, makes sense for pharmacists as it takes out the stress of looking for work. You can just tell us about your preferred location, hours of work, and so on. In most instances, we will have enough options for you.

Every locum pharmacist has different needs, and similarly, each pharmacy has a different set of expectations. My Locum Choice can help match your expectations with the right kind of pharmacy.

We have a database of trusted client pharmacies. We know what any pharmacy expects, and what the needs of the pharmacist are. So, if you’re looking for a Stay Away locum pharmacist job, you’ve come to the right place 🙂

See here for our latest list of stay aways:

Locum Stay Aways

Stay Away Testimonials

Our locums who decide to go for the stay aways are having a great time working and living life at the same time. Like one of our frequent Stay Awayers, Beth:

“Stay aways a great experience to see more of the country and get a feel for where you may want to settle in the future. I get to work in different companies for days, weeks or months and different settings including pharmacy hubs. Stay aways are great as accommodation and travel expenses are often paid too.”

The MLC app has been created with the main aim of making the lives of locums as pleasant as possible. We have worked closely with feedback directly from locums on what they want and how they want it. We are continually working on the app to make it as useful as possible for locums and have additional features in the pipeline so keep an eye out!

Don’t forget to download the Ultimate Guide to Locum Pharmacy too!

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This article was written on behalf of My Locum Choice by Saam Ali from Pharmacy Mentor.

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