Top Five Tips To Motivate Your Pharmacy Staff

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Motivating Your Pharmacy Staff

Use these top tips to get your team on board with your vision So, I have been a manager for many years and trust me when I say I have engaged with more staff complaints and unhappy emotions than you can possibly imagine. However, every opportunity is a new learning opportunity. I’m not a psychologist and do not claim to fully understand human persona in the working environment, but I do have a pretty good indication of what motivates staff. To be honest, your all dodging a bullet here because if you have never managed staff before you won’t have to go through the scowling looks, verbal abuse or complaints that I did because I’m going to lay it all down in this article for you. All in all, I am quite lucky; my staff are brilliant and when I help address their concerns they are grateful for it which gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

1: Listen

Contrary to what many of you may believe, we were actually born with these incredible parts of our anatomy called ears. It’s very common for us to try and talk more loudly over the person we are arguing within the hope that they will shy away and eventually back down. This is not the right approach; even if it works that staff member will see you as a dictator rather than a leader. When you open your ears, you will have a clearer picture of their problem or concern and this will contribute to a well thought out solution.

2: Gratification

“The gratification comes in the doing, not in the results”- James Dean

Although James Dean may be right, we live in a society where people must feel appreciated. I have actually come across very few people in my lifetime that feels personally gratified when they accomplish something. The majority of people want to be told or shown they did a great job. How many of you out there actually tell your staff “well done” or “good job”? It’s such a small thing to say and probably obvious to you when the member of staff has done something well, but to them, it’s not so simple. They don’t know what you’re thinking unless you say it. Personal satisfaction is not tangible but it plays a heck of a role in one’s self-esteem.

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3: Incentivise

Okay, so I mentioned personal satisfaction earlier being integral to an individuals mentality; however, there are many of us who are driven by more materialistic rewards.

I’m not saying shower your staff with glorious gifts and lots of money, but even small gestures can keep them motivated. Here are some tips I use regularly to keep my team members on par with my vision and goals:

Commissioned Services are really important to enable patient loyalty, enhance patient care and deliver sustainable revenue for your businesses. Yet, amongst the independent pharmacy market, they are one of the aspects of our trade we fail to successfully utilise in comparison to multiple chains. I make sure my staff are actively seeking MUR and NMS patients. The same applies for enhanced services such as flu vaccinations and smoking cessation clinics. For every MUR/NMS patient, they get a small fee of £2. This works brilliantly as the staff are effectively in friendly competition with each other to take advantage of this reward. It keeps them driven and ensures I can hit my targets.

Sweets, treats and plenty to eat! Coming from a retail background, I had around 10 KPI targets I wanted to hit each week. I need to make sure my team are behind me every step of the way; so every Friday I make sure to buy them some chocolates, biscuits, and maybe even order in some pizza for them 😉

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4: Challenge

It’s very easy for your team to stay comfortable in their roles, but what you will realise is that they can very quickly become bored. During my locuming days, I met countless staff members who wanted to excel, develop their learning further and try new things; their managers, however, had failed to realise this and as a result left those members feeling demotivated and complacent. I always make sure my staff have opportunities to develop. If my dispenser wants to be on the technician course, I will put her on it. If my counter assistant wants to learn about dispensing; I will get them the training to become a dispenser. I even send my staff to CPD events, give them CPD material and quizzes from pharmacy magazines and upskill them on any OTC products they wish to know more about.

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5: Lead By Example

Your staff can be the most positive and energetic bunch, but this won’t be the case if your a Mr Grumpus dragging your feet around the pharmacy.
Positive energy, smiling, laughter and good nature are all infectious- they spread like a virus and create a lovely working environment very quickly. I always make sure I present myself in the manner at which I want my staff to feel- happy and motivated. In the morning we have a team huddle to go through anything that needs to be done during the day and any objectives we want to hit.

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Put these to use…. You may already be a manager or a deputy pharmacist. Either way, try some of these tools out and I can pretty much guarantee you will see great results.

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