We’re your friendly Optom locum agency

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We’re your friendly Optom locum agency

A good optom locum agency is hard to come across. It’s a bit like identifying macular oedema in a 70-year-old patient with pinprick pupils. They are especially more challenging to spot if you are a novice, and everything can seem a blur. But don’t allow the bombardment of various different locum agencies to dazzle you. We have everything you require in your journey as a locum optom.

Short-sighted locum agencies 

Whether you are locuming part time or full time, the most important thing to consider is a locum agency. Your locum agency has to have sufficient work available for you, in the required field of your choice. In the case of optometrists, that’s either in the typical high street practices, be they independents or multiple chains, domiciliary based work, or hospital settings. Gone are the days’ locum agencies would frantically call up Optoms on the day for last-minute shifts. It is always best to pick-out a locum agency that lets you plan months in advance, and more importantly has work available for you in advance. My Locum Choice, lets you do just that, giving you availability to book in work months ahead.

Organ-eyes your locum life  

As a locum Optom you don’t need the unnecessary stress and burden of constantly worrying over when your next shift will appear. But with our innovative, My Locum Choice – Optical App, shifts appear right in front of your eyes, and it only takes seconds to book them. 

We are innovators in making life easier for healthcare professionals, need proof? Check out our My Locum Choice – Pharmacy App, which is making the lives of 1000s of locum pharmacists easier.

Our My Locum Choice – Optical App helps you keep organised and on top of your schedule, with our optimised notifications and diary feature. All booked shifts are saved and are easily accessible to view, not only that, but any invitations you receive to work from practices are also available to view. It could not be simpler.

You are also in total control of your working schedule and can choose exactly where, and when to work. You can set your preferences by filtering for rates, companies and location. Ever wanted to know what the locum placement is like, before working there? Well, that’s another handy feature we’ve incorporated within the App, giving you greater choice in managing where to work. You can now access all the relevant information of the practices you will be working at including staff levels, computer systems, lunch breaks, rates, and mileage.

optom locum agency

The App has built-in functionality allowing you to upload compliance documents. These can then be approved directly by practice owners and companies. Earnings can now be tracked seamlessly through the App. When you receive a payment, you can easily mark-off the invoice.

An App with a map

One of the concerns locum Optoms often tell us, is navigating from their home address to their locum placement. So we’ve taken care of that too. As good as a corneal topographer, our App gives you access to a detailed map. This allows you to get to your locum placement hassle-free. You can plan your route, well in advance, and leave plenty of time to get to your locum placement. It’s as easy as that.

Looking for work? Join our growing Optom locum agency

Mariyah Mahmood, an Optom of 3 years told us:

“I found the App extremely useful and easy to navigate, it’s made my working life a lot easier. I love the various features detailing testing times, type of records, parking availability. There’s even an emergency shift option where you can negotiate rates. It was great to know the system that I would be using before coming into practice. Booking shifts has never been easier, it really is the best locum app for Optoms out there.”

In fact, over 1000 locum Optometrists across the UK have access to locum shifts from 1000+ practices nationwide through My Locum Choice. But our App isn’t just a locum Optometry booking platform. It’s an innovative ecosystem that encompasses all the tools you need to make your work life that much easier. We are the only Optom locum agency that you should set your sights on. 

Download the App now and begin making your locum Optometry life easier.

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This article was written on behalf of My Locum Choice by Hassan Riaz from Pharmacy Mentor.

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