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Congratulations! You have finally made it through all of the all-nighters and gallons of coffee to officially be called a Pharmacist! Your Pharmacy course beats you up and spits you out, but how often do they actually prepare you for real life? There are so many things that your university didn’t talk about- the real day in and day out tips that you need to be successful and thriving in your career. Today’s blog post is about exactly that!

Successful business group working at the office

Teamwork is essential in a pharmacy

The TOP 8 TIPS for Working in a pharmacy team!

1) Respect

This should be a top tip for LIFE! Everybody has probably heard the saying that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. The crazy part is how few people actually live by that motto. Being genuinely nice and respectful to your coworkers is the best way to not only make a great first impression but also to stay on the majority’s good side. Even if this is something that you don’t care about, keep in mind that this alone can help you out down the line with promotions and bonuses.


Don’t be the person that doesn’t keep their word. If you say you are going to do something, make sure you do it. It literally is not any harder than that. If for some reason something comes up, and it becomes a problem or a conflict of interest it is absolutely OK to change plans around. However! And this is the big one – tell the other people involved before it even has the chance to be an issue. If you disregard this tip, it backfires in so many other areas. Who wants to promote someone that is unreliable? No one. That’s who.

3) Be on time

Most people like to fluff this one off as, ‘oh that’s just who I am’, but if you really take your ego out of it, and sit down to think about it, what you are really saying is that your time is more valuable than their time- whoever ‘they’ happen to be. Not only is that disrespectful, but it will not win you any points. This goes for patients, co-workers, strangers, everyone! If you have to alter your sleep schedule or watch one less episode of Breaking Bad to make this happen, do it. Planning ahead makes a huge difference, so make being on time a conscious choice. If you were the patient/client/friend I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be kept waiting either.

4) Communication

It doesn’t matter how many people you work with, communication is key. The most important part of being great at communicating is having quality listening skills. Listen with the intent to hear, not reply. You will immediately know if you are on the same page, and most importantly, the other person will feel heard, which absolutely increases their level of respect for you. In the pharmaceutical industry, this is exceptionally important as you are dealing with patient health. It is also important to note that you have to speak up for yourself. If you let people walk all over you, not only do you feel like crap, but they lost respect for you.

5) Praise

There is a fine line between complimenting or congratulating someone on an accomplishment and being fake. Most people can tell when you are being genuine. So don’t do it in an attempt to earn yourself brownie points, because it will likely backfire on you. Say Please and Thank You, and when a coworker does something amazing, acknowledge them. Everyone needs a pat on the back sometimes. Give them something to smile about, especially when you can tell they are having a bad day.

6) Build your relationships

Networking is often talked about- but what most tend to skip over is that it’s not all about handing out your business card. Connecting and creating valuable relationships with people is what really counts. If you go out of your way to ask them about their day, and show that you are genuinely interested, you will be far ahead of the curve and on the road to building an immense network of friends, allies and possibly future bosses or coworkers.

7) Build your skills

You do not know everything. Did you read this? Should I put it in all capitals? It doesn’t matter how much you study, there will always be someone that knows something that you don’t know. The more gracious you are, and open to learning and new experiences, the more you are able to grow and also help others. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Always be open to learning and growing, both as an individual and as a professional. Be prepared to invest your own money on seminars and conferences. I know you may be broke and just out of university, but this is an investment that pays back in relationships and knowledge. It is priceless.

8) Celebrate Wins

This goes along with praise, but it also includes goals within your workspace. It is very important that every person in the team knows what you are working towards. If you need to have daily, weekly or monthly meetings to make this happen, do it. Whether that is making X amount of money by X date, or growing your customer/patient base, everyone is on the same page. Working towards common goals allows you to celebrate the wins together. This will greatly improve team morale and success within the business.Keep thinking outside of the box, and reaching for new personal and professional goals.

With these tips, hopefully, you will feel a little bit more confident in getting out there and feeling confident as a pharmacist! Many of these tips seem like common sense, but it is amazing how many people allow everyday stress factors to get in their way of common courtesy. Focus on being the best you possible, and you will be right on your way in no time! Keeping mind that by working in a team you can achieve far more than the sum of an individual. I wish you well with this life skill. If you are not yet feeling inspired, the video below will help you along.

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