I’ve done my Pre Reg exam – Now what?

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Well, it’s time to prepare for your career as pharmacist…

Getting prepared now will set you up for a great locum career start

Oh yeah! You’ve done your pre-reg exam…now what?

Ok, once the mini post-examination celebrations are over and finished off the last couple of weeks in your current pre-reg position, you’ll get your results which will (fingers crossed) entitle you to the position “pharmacist”. This is pretty much the start of your entire future career and if you’re thinking about locumming, we want you to have the best start you can possibly have. Now, for this to happen, you simply need to prepare, and this is absolutely the most efficient time to do it – in the “transition phase” as we like to call it – between the exam and your first day as a locum pharmacist.

“100% of all pre-reg students who prepare now feel much more relaxed on their first day of work”

So, to help you along your way to a successful start, we’ve created a sort of post pre-reg exam to-do list that will put you in the position of a locum pharmacist “superhero”. If you have any questions about any of the items on here, then please do not hesitate to email us at helpdesk@mylocumchoice.com.

Let’s grab your details first…

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You’ll need all these essentials to begin working

Much of this has been taken from The Ultimate Guide to Locum Pharmacy but is extremely relevant at this point in time. Also, to help you organise your schedule, a tool called Trello is highly recommended. Let Saam from Pharmacy Mentor explain how to use it here.

GPhC Registration

This might be obvious but please check your registration on the GPhC website after your results come in here and print off your responsible pharmacist notice here. Make some copies and upload it to Google Drive so you can access it from any pharmacy you work quickly.

Also, it is advisable that you make copies of your GPhC registration certificate and take them with you to your shifts.

Indemnity Insurance

This is a biggy. You’ll need to be insured to work in a pharmacy to cover you if any claims are made against you during your practice. The NPA and PDA and having been insured with them throughout the whole of our locum pharmacy careers, we advise on getting your insurance through them. Click here for more information.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Check

This is pretty much mandatory as a locum pharmacist today. In order for your employer to make sure they’ve recruited a suitable individual to work with vulnerable people (young children is an example), they require you to have a DBS Check. Without this, it will be very hard to find employment. We provide a quick and easy solution for this at an industry leading price and we have a special discount code for you to use when purchasing your DBS check. If you want to get ahead get your check done NOW!

If you use the code “EXAM2018“, you’ll get 10% off the final purchase price when you buy through the link below:

Click here to start your DBS application 

Locum Enabled NHS Smartcard

It is recommended that you get an NHS smartcard that is locum-enabled so you can use it in any of the pharmacies you are working at. Please don’t rely on the Smartcards of the staff you’re working with. The PSNC has detailed information about your Smartcard and you should contact your Local Registration Authority (RA) and organise this with them. They will give you instructions as to what you need to do.


The more accredited you are, the more employable you are. It’s really that simple. Below are the essential accreditations you need to begin working as a locum pharmacist. Without them, it will be difficult to secure employment so make sure they’re refreshed and up-to-date.











Highly Desirable Accreditations

The locum pharmacy landscape has evolved over the last few years and the turf has certainly become more competitive. The fact that pharmacies are getting paid less for dispensing items means employers will be looking for “extra skills” that will enable them to continue profiting. A pharmacy is also a business after all. Therefore, it’s absolutely in your best interest to become accredited to provide extra services which will no doubt make you favourable over another candidate. Below are the accreditations we strongly recommend you pursue.

Flu Vaccination Training

Although not mandatory, the Flu Vaccination training and accreditation will help you secure employment. In addition, it’s simply an excellent accreditation to have in terms of your clinical expertise, providing extra value for your patients and general job satisfaction.

We work with Rx Advisor to provide Flu Accreditation for locum pharmacists. The workshops are excellent and the pricing very fair.

Click here to book your Flu Jab Training Accreditation

Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC)

Again, not mandatory but very desirable and employers will question why this training has not been completed. We are aware that some pharmacists choose not to become EHC accredited due to personal beliefs. If this is something you’d like advice on, then again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we can talk about it.

The service specification around EHC differs in different areas of the UK. Therefore, it’s advisable to contact the local CCG where you are working to get a thorough understand of how to go about providing the EHC free under the NHS.

Access CPPE module on EHC

Minor Ailments Scheme

The LPC’s around the country have been pushing hard to secure proper reimbursement of the Minor Ailments Scheme (MAS) and some areas have done so very successfully. Another accreditation that is very valuable to have under your belt. Again, like EHC, some CCG’s have a different specification for the MAS. So do your research before you go to work in that pharmacy to make sure you have a good understanding of how it works.

Access the various MAS modules on CPPE

Smoking Cessation

Another desirable accreditation to have and will be certainly looked at where pharmacies do offer this service.

Access the various Smoking Cessation modules on CPPE

To make accreditation of some of these Patient Group Directives (PGD’s) easier, we’ve teamed up with Voyager Medical to provide you with an online PGD multipack. Check it out here and if you have any questions about it, just give us a buzz.

To conclude…

We wish you all the best for your final few weeks as a pre-reg and good luck with your results. We’d love to help you transition into locum pharmacy life as best you can so if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email us at helpdesk@mylocumchoice.com.

The My Locum Choice Team

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