A Locum’s Guide to the Quality Payments Scheme

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Do I need to know about the Quality Payments Scheme?”

I’ve surprisingly had this question asked by locum pharmacists about the Quality Payments Scheme and the simple answer is yes, you do! More and more contractors are asking for locums who have passed the criteria for Quality Payments and rightly so. There is more than £6,000 available for those pharmacies participating and if a payment can’t be released because the Locum has not achieved one of the criteria set out by the scheme, it wouldn’t go down too well. Besides, there isn’t really much work involved to become “Quality Payment Satisfactory” and it’s for the best of the profession and yourself that you get up to scratch with it.

What do I need to do as a Locum?

First of all, if you don’t yet know much about the Scheme, I’d watch the video embedded in this post which breaks it down for you into an easy-to-digest format. Essentially, the Department of Health has set out “Gateway and Quality Criteria” to which a pharmacy must pass in order to receive payment. The Gateway Criteria are mandatory. They have to be passed first in order for the pharmacy to be paid for the Quality Criteria.

For you as a locum, there are a few things you can do right now to get the contractors asking you to work for them.

1) Register to become MUR and NMS accredited

Pretty standard in the world of pharmacy now. This is an inclusion for Quality Criteria payment but should really be a tool that you have in your bag on a day-to-day basis. Contractors will certainly be looking at this when hiring but if you’re not accredited to provide these services, I’d highly advise you become trained up as soon as possible.

2) Become Level 2 trained in Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

Simply access the CPPE training module and complete both the e-learning and e-assessment to a level 2 standard. Download your certificates and have them with you to hand. I upload everything to my “Locum Folder” I have on Google Drive.

3) Make sure your NHS Smartcard is up to date and become trained up to access Summary Care Records

In order for pharmacies to get paid for the Summary Care Records Criterion, they need to demonstrate that they are accessing Summary Care records on an increasing basis. Therefore, it’s advisable that you’re able to access them since this will help with their numbers. That being said, having the ability to access these records will be highly beneficial to your practice anyway. Please follow the guidance that the PSNC has created around this criterion.

4) Become a Dementia Friend

This is easy to do. Access the Dementia Friends website, click “Become a Friend” and then follow the step-by-step registration guide. If you have any problems, give them a quick call and they can take you through it.

Bringing Community Pharmacy to the same standard

The Quality Payments Scheme is all about incentivising Community Pharmacy to get to a better standard of practice in order to deliver better patient care. The Department of Health is encouraging us to go digital through the use of Summary Care Records and updating our NHS profiles which is always a step in the right direction. By completing the items above, you’ll be helping yourself and the profession move forward with the times.

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Guest blog by the Pharmacy Mentor

This latest blog post was written by the pharmacy mentor. Visit www.pharmacymentor.com for more information about this and a whole host of excellent training packages including Social Media for Community Pharmacy.

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